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Galaxy Drums Promo featuring a reduction/expansion

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am happy to share a video I create for Space Cabin Audio’s “Galaxy Drums” Samples. In this video, I explain how I use a custom set of E-drums to trigger high quality drum samples, using my pads thru an  audio rig in real time.
In the composition, I created a reduction/expansion going from 9 beats to 1 then reversing back using a long pulse (3beats) as my theme. Within this theme, I cut up the time in duple, triple, 4:3 and then finaly trying to cut the long pulses into groups of 5 and 8. Very challenging and creative for me!
Galaxy drums is having a black friday sale now till monday.

Galaxy Drums

Now on to my tour in china.

Cd Release and a trip to China

Last week was a great time playing Shawn Lovaot’s Cd release. Be sure to grab a copy @ I will be touring in China if all goes well next month. Will post some shots of the trip

Chris Carroll (NYC BASED Drummer) release’s 3rd Cd “House Call”

Purchase CD disc thru Artist
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Cd Release Is June 6 7-9 @ 55 Bar NYC

Chris released his third album “House Call”, 11 tracks in organ jazz trio format. Breaking away from his second record “Current Shifts”, the drummer moves from global, exploratory improvisation to American Soul Jazz. Paying homage to organ based music, he shows equal respect to both groove and swing. From the first track, “Three of Three” with its heavy back beat, to the last swinging blues track ”The Vague Reply“, Chris reveals his deep respect for this form of music. He draws inspiration from the blues, swing, 60s rock as well as his fellow musicians. He showcases three original compositions by guitarist Jay Azzolina written exclusively for “House Call”. Saxophonist/Composer “Peyton Pleninger”, contributes a beautiful Boogaloo song, written when he was only 19. Organist Brian Charette is in full command at gluing the band’s time while maintaining harmony, melody and forward motion as well as contribution his own unique originals and arrangements.