DrumLessons in Long Island/NYC/Skype

If you are interested in studying with me, I  teach students of all ages at my studio in Island Park during the weekends or in NYC during the week.  It is also possible for me to come to your house in Long Island.  For those that are further away, we can do lesson’s via SKYPE. For over 30 years I have been teaching students my personal methods of drumming of creating music, a foundation upon which they can improvise, play, and create their own path.

Some suggested Topics I cover:
  • Rock Drumming
  • NYSSMA level 1-6, Reading
  • Chart Reading
  • Odd Time/Greek Metrics/ M-base functions
  • Indian Compositions on Drum Set
  • Hindustani Tabla
  • The Art of Jazz  (from 20’still now)
  • Cymbal Time
  • Moeller Technique
  • Linear Playing and Concepts
  • Latin Salsa/Cuban Clave Based Music
  • 12/8 Based Material (African and South American)
  • Pro tools
  • Daw recording