New Upcoming CD “Currernt Shifts” Mastered

After many years as a sidemen, I am taking reigns as a leader on a new upcoming Cd called “Current Shift”  This Cd features Rez Abbasi , Apostolos Sideris, Roman Filiu OReilly, Alejandro Aviles and Milton Barreto . This CD represents my focus of many years  exploring world cultures and  rhythms and connecting them with my roots in jazz.

Stay tunes for news about this exciting release…


Private Drum Lessons in Long Island or at My Studio

Chris Carroll teaches students of all ages either at their homes, or at his private studio in Astoria, NY. As a teacher, he continues a tradition that started in his family decades ago. With 20 years of experience behind him, Chris has been teaching students not only the finer points of playing drums, but his personal methods of creating music as well.  Chris’s main focus with his students is to build a foundation upon which they can improvise, play, and create their own music.  The study, practice, creation, and performance of music has been the driving force in his life and career. Montly payment plans can be arranged.

contact Chris,  646.267.4127