Clinic Video

Ive been quiet because I’ve had a very strong desire to dedicate most of my practice and free time to playing and working on tabla.

This is a clip from a college clinic I did recently in Utah.


Work mode …although I am smiling.  I am blessed at times to be around some insane talent.


Jazz at Lake Effect

Chris Carroll and Isaiah Smith

Best moment: Chris literally jumping out of his seat with enthusiasm

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Chris Carroll Drum Solo

When I was young, my parents asked me what instrument I wanted to play….I said "DRUMS!!!" — then they bought me a violin </3

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Utah Trip with 2 Clinics and 2 Concerts

Don’t miss March 8 in Utah with 2 College clinics in collaboration with

We will be giving some FREE promo items at the clinic

March 9 Ryan Conger Organ Trio @The Garage  Salt Lake City  UT

March 8 915-10:30am Master Class with Chris Carroll @ University of Utah

March 8 1:00pm to 2:30pm Master Class with Chris Carroll @ Utah Valley University

March 7  8pm Chris Carroll Band @ Lake Effect Jazz Club, Salt Lake City

Iambic Rhythm’s On Drum Set with Chris Carroll


Iambic Rhythm’s On Drum Set

Iambic is a Greek term that describes a motion in there old poetic system. In this FREE lesson I show how I think about some ways to use this motion on drum set. This was filmed thru my phone so sorry for the low audio fidelity. Hopefully you can take some information here for yourself. Also when I say tonic , I meant to say a Dominant motion.

Galaxy Drums Promo featuring a reduction/expansion

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am happy to share a video I create for Space Cabin Audio’s “Galaxy Drums” Samples. In this video, I explain how I use a custom set of E-drums to trigger high quality drum samples, using my pads thru an  audio rig in real time.
In the composition, I created a reduction/expansion going from 9 beats to 1 then reversing back using a long pulse (3beats) as my theme. Within this theme, I cut up the time in duple, triple, 4:3 and then finaly trying to cut the long pulses into groups of 5 and 8. Very challenging and creative for me!
Galaxy drums is having a black friday sale now till monday.

Galaxy Drums

Now on to my tour in china.

Cd Release and a trip to China

Last week was a great time playing Shawn Lovaot’s Cd release. Be sure to grab a copy @ I will be touring in China if all goes well next month. Will post some shots of the trip