Two Recently Playing Clips

Please Enjoy!

I been practicing a ton of stuff and haven shown anything in a sec, so I upload some footage. I was going to play with nine since it was my birthday the other day and my age reflects this number in a weird way but……Here is some swing stuff based upon doxy but looser. The form is there. A little with 14 and 11 in mind but im not always playing it. Its more swing ping ponging these patterns and there some moments where im thinking about some stuff from recent work of leading with the bass drum as the main voice as well as focusing time over 4. Santiago Leibson and I where getting nuts with cutting 14 into 4 groups of 3 and a 2 originating from Electric Red from meshuggah.Im concerned with breathing, posture and where my hands are hitting the snare drum. Sound, focus, vibe and attitude.Thanks

Posted by Chris Carroll on Tuesday, July 23, 2019